HOPE? A Reliquary of Artists’ Books

Artists: Susan Lowdermilk, Donna Thomas, Peter Thomas, and Andie Thrams (all work created by the artists in collaboration)
Description: ​​Twelve artists’ books in a wooden reliquary
Number in Edition: 32
Media: Handmade and commercial paper; woodcut, linoleum cut, pressure print, photogram, letterpress, and digital printing; watercolor, gouache, and ink painting; brass, wood, wildfire charcoal and ash
Reliquary Dimensions: 12 x 8.5 x 6.75 inches
Artists’ Books Dimensions: varied
Date: 2022
Codex Orders Price: $2900
Orders Placed After May 1, 2022: $3400
Statement: HOPE? is a collaborative art project created by Susan Lowdermilk, Donna Thomas, Peter Thomas, and Andie Thrams. Through field work in recently burned and green forests in Oregon and California, the artists investigated the complex topics of tree mortality, catastrophic wildfire, and climate change. They have created a reliquary of twelve artists’ books and artifacts to bear witness to the devastation of western forests and grapple with the question of hope during this pivotal moment in the Anthropocene epoch.

Read more about this project here.

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