XO, On what might have been our anniversary, artist book

XO, On what might have been our anniversary

I met Jeanine Hathaway at a gallery exhibition of my prints in downtown Eugene, Oregon. Jeanine was writing poetry while on sabbatical leave from Wichita State University in Kansas. By coincidence she was also my neighbor, and we became friends. Jeanine wrote the poem, “XO, On what might have been our anniversary,” inspired by the woodcut diptych she saw at my show titled, “Remembering, Forgetting.” I created this artist’s book, inspired by her poem. I used the prints “Remembering, Forgetting” as the pages for my book, completing our circle of mutual creativity and inspiration.

  • Printed with multiple block woodcuts on Zerkall Frankfurt paper. Text is ink jet printed onto organdy fabric. 
  • Leporello binding structure with separate hard covers. Housed in an open ended slip case.
  • 6.5  x 4.5 x .75 inches closed
  • Signed, limited edition of 15
  • 2007
  • $400
  • To order, please contact the artist.